Top Things That Tell You an Essay Writing Service Isn’t Genuine

Sometimes, we can tell right away when a writing service has all that it takes to get us that good grade. But there are some times when it’s so obvious that they don’t, that the next step for us would be to turn tail and leave – saving our precious pocket money in the meantime. Most of the time, review writing services websites such as can give us an idea or two about the trustworthiness of a website; however, sometimes, it’s easy for students to figure that out as well, with just a bit of interaction with the website in question.

1. The Samples Don’t Look Good
If the writing of a certain service is bad, the samples can look in three different ways:
• They are full of writing errors.
• They are perfect – but were copied off the internet.
• They’re nonexistent.
ThesisGeek, for example, fits into the third category. Before trusting a writing service with your money, you need to KNOW that they can provide you with high-quality writing. Most of the time you look at testimonials and customer reviews for answers; but if you can’t see any samples of the products or any of them, how can you be so sure that you won’t get a high-school level essay when you asked for a college one? Seeing is believing, or isn’t it?

2. The Prices are Fair
Unless they are absolutely open with their writers’ information and quality samples, there is no reason a writing service should charge more than $10-$15 per page. However, if you see that they ask for $22 per page (like does) and you have no proof of their quality, you might want to hit “Skip” on this one. EssayBox, for example, doesn’t seem to be offering any discounts, coupon codes or a promo code either; and there are many other better websites that do offer such additional features.

3. The Customer Service is Actually Helpful
Most of the time, choosing a writing service can be as easy as making a phone call: if they take their time to answer, it means they aren’t serious enough about the task. PrimeWritings, for example, not only will put you on hold several times, but they will also have the tendency to answer your questions in a vague way. Many customers offered it a bad rating due to the not-so-helpful customer service, and other reviews expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the connection was terrible and that the staff is obviously of foreign origins. If they don’t try their best to offer you constructive answers instead of “Just fill the form and you’ll see,” you might want to look for another service.
If you do not want to be subjected to fraud or scam, you should be careful of these three especially: content quality, prices, and customer service. If at least one of them is giving off bad juju, then you may want to look for better services that can earn you a better (and safer) grade.

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